Taylor + Ryan // Maroni Meadows Wedding

For most of us, marrying our high school sweetheart was just a fairytale that never come true.

That’s not the case for Taylor and Ryan.

Their love story began when they were just 15 . It’s rare to grow up with the love of your life, but no one is more suited for it than Taylor and Ryan. Not only are they an amazing couple but they are some of the most kind-hearted, genuine individuals I have ever met. Every single bridesmaid and groomsmen considers themselves Taylor and Ryan’s best friends and even if you spend just 15 minutes with them all it is undeniably true that this group of friends is as close knit as it gets. They all poured out so much love and plant of happy tears for their two friends in the most loving, supportive way I have ever seen. And don’t get me started on the family that surrounds Taylor and Ryan. There isn’t enough space on this blog post to accurately depict the amazing families and individuals that Taylor and Ryan come from so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I can honestly say I envy the way these two look at each other and I, along with their closest friends and family, could not have been happier to get to witness the beginning of their newest adventure in life.

Second Photographer: Jessica Stivers

Venue: Maroni Meadows

Bartender: Bottoms Up

Makeup: Starla Isbey

Catering: Cabbage Patch

Florist: Floral Mountains

DJ: Sounds Unlimited

Jenn + Mark // Snohomish Hidden Meadows Wedding

Life sometimes takes us on wild, twisty rides that we don’t understand or like. And other times life is like floating around and around a lazy river on a warm summer day, comforting and good for the soul. Jenn and Mark’s wedding day was a lazy river day of life through and through. Full of peaceful earth-stopped-spinning moments, happy tears that make your own eyes well up with little drops of joy and not to mention some of the best dang toasts I have ever heard.

One of the best moments of the day was when Jenn pulled off the surprise bag piper she had been keeping a secret from Mark for months! With several people involved and a few hiccups later the look on Mark’s face when he heard the bagpipes was priceless and so worth all of the scheming and whispers.

Jenn and Mark’s love story isn’t one to tell through a blog but over a cup of coffee with tissues in hand. I will share that their story has brought a ray of hope into my own personal life and I know that my time spent with them over this past year was intentionally and purposefully planned and I truly hope they feel the same. My couples become a part of my life and I always look forward to staying in touch and capturing the adventures that life brings their way.

Jenn and Mark, I know it’s overused and may seem thoughtless to some, but I sincerely thank you for everything. I hope you know that your love story holds a very special place in my heart.

Haileigh + Tyler | The Fields at Willie Greens Wedding

I swear I couldn’t love you more

than I do right now,

and yet I know

I will tomorrow.

-Leo Christopher


I had the honor of kicking of my 2018 wedding season with two incredible individuals, Haileigh and Tyler. I realized early on that the love they have for one another runs deep and extends through to both sides of their families. Getting to experience just how deep that love runs was an amazing thing to witness. Now I’ve seen my fair share of criers at weddings and have yet to not cry myself at some point during the day, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen so many people shedding happy tears as I did this day. The intensity of  love that poured out of these two was overwhelming and touched every single person present. Haileigh and Tyler thought of every last detail from honoring family members watching from heaven to  little tissue boxes for their guests during the ceremony. Their thoughtfulness resonated and made it a very intimate, enjoyable affair.

Oh and you know what they say about getting to see someone’s true colors? Seeing how they handled literal thunder and lightning roll in mere moments before their ceremony was the cherry on top of the sundae. The amount of grace and optimism that these two amazing humans showed during what could have been an immensely stressful situation inspired not only me but everyone around them I’m sure. The evening was filled with toasts, dancing, cake and donuts, and an abundance of hugs and kisses brought a perfectly imperfect day to an end.

Haileigh and Tyler, thank you for allowing me to witness your incredible love for one another and capture it in all of its essence.

Second Photographer: Delia Kearney

Venue: The Field at Willie Greens

Officiant: Chris Immer

Catering: Trails End Taphouse and Restaurant

Bartender: Trails End Taphouse and Restaurant

Hair and Makeup: Anta – Sorella Spa and Salon

DJ: Sounds Unlimited

Motherhood Mini Sessions // Everything you need to know

Annual Motherhood Mini Sessions are here and I couldn’t be more excited! I love celebrating motherhood with women from all different walks of life and capturing those wonderful moments that being a mama brings for you to cherish forever.

In this blog you will find all the answers to the questions you may have before taking the jump to reserve your Motherhood Mini Session.

What does the $49 include?
A 15 minute session at the Downtown Everett studio, 1 digital image of your choice and an online gallery of all of the images captured during your mini session.

What if I want all my images, what is that going to cost?
You may choose to purchase your entire gallery ahead of time for $125, or if you would rather wait until you see your gallery before purchasing all of the images it will be $150.

How many images will I see in my gallery?
You can expect to see a minimum of 15 images in your online gallery.

My kids may not cooperate in a 15 minute window, what happens then?
I pride myself in photographing children for the past 6 years and have many tricks up my sleeve to ensure I capture images you will swoon over. I also offer suggestions and clear direction to you so that we get the best, genuine smiles out of your little ones.

What should we wear?
For studio sessions I always encourage neutral, pastel or jewel toned colors as they photograph best! All mini session attendees will receive a styling guide to help with wardrobe choosing.
You may also choose to add on my client stylist, Tracy, to assist you further for an additional $40.

Ready to book? Snag your preferred time here:


Full gallery purchase:



Still have a question?  Please feel free to email me hello@agostinadimartino.com


Personal Update \\ Our New Life

What started out as a quick urgent care visit for what we thought was an infection ended up turning our whole world upside down. If our lives were a movie this is the part where the storm clouds roll in and start torrentially down pouring.

The urgent care doctor came in and explained to me that we need to get Maeley down to Seattle Children’s to avoid her situation becoming dangerous. We need to go now? Yes, now. And we would be staying a few days. I knew the answer but I still asked, are you certain this is what the is? There is no mistake. No matter what I did I couldn’t hold the tears back. My eyes stung with anger and fear. 519, keytones, ketoacidosis, insulin, finger pricks, hospital admission ….. My head was spinning. I tried my best to retain all the information being thrown at me, but all I could think was please God not my baby girl.

Phone calls to our parents, figuring out where Cayson would stay the night, and driving down to Children’s. The next hour flew by in what seemed like 2 minutes.

We had spent all day driving home from Long Beach, Washington where we had spent an amazing weekend and Maeley was exhausted and hungry. My heart ached as I told her we can’t eat yet knowing that it may actually be hours before she could eat. Please God not our baby, please let this be a mistake.

As we walked into a waiting room full of sick children I could feel the knot in my stomach growing. It took everything in me to not turn and run with my sweet girl in my arms. I’m a runner you see, whenever things are difficult I want almost immediate resolution and if there isn’t I run at full speed. I couldn’t run from this. The nurses were expecting us and rushed us back into a room and while that made us feel like our daughter was a priority and well taken care of, there was also an icky, heavy feeling attached to it. After a second round of tests it was confirmed.

Type 1 Diabetes.

And then the waves of information began. One after the other, the waves didn’t stop. The tight chest, desperation for air, and all the salty tears made the drowning sensation seem very real. But we had to be strong for our little princess who had no understanding of what was going on.

That first night was so hard. She screamed and begged us to not let them give her the insulin injection. We held her and told her we had to do this and that it would all be ok. After being moved to a room in the endocrinology wing, she was finally able to eat and along with that came what would be our routine from then on out. Counting carbs, testing blood sugars and calculating her insulin dose. I was both intrigued and repulsed at the same time. I wanted to know everything about how to take care of Maeley but my heart ached in a way it never has before.

Maeley finally fell asleep and so did we. An hour later during routine vitals Maeley looked at me with the saddest eyes and said you promised no shots mommy and immediately dozed off. Again came those hot, stinging tears. I had promised her that. On the way to the urgent care having made the assumption that a round of antibiotics would fix all the symptoms she had been showing, I answered her typical will I have to get shots question with what I thought to be truth. Sleep didn’t happen for me after that.

Morning came and education started on how to manage Maeley’s diabetes. It seemed complicated and simple at the same time. The calculations and corrections made sense but the application of this to our day to day life came with immense stress and uncertainty. “It’s a lot” is what we kept saying. The fastest, most jam-packed education course we have ever gone through. By lunchtime on Day 1 we were in charge of her blood sugar checks, by the afternoon we were calculating and administering her insulin.

Dinner time rolled around and we couldn’t avoid Maeley’s questions anymore. We explained to her that she had Type 1 Diabetes and what that entailed. She cried and asked why and after more explanations it all seemed to click and it all went uphill from there. It was magical getting to experience her strength and determination. Every round of insulin her disposition improved, from less tears and screaming to no tears to no screaming. She started saying I have Type 1 Diabetes and wanting to learn about her how her body works. Our hearts swelled with pride and admiration.

The next day was filled with more education and then we were sent home with what felt like way too many supplies and not enough knowledge. And while our first few days at home were difficult, they were also extremely successful. Maeley’s disposition continues to improve, Cayson is eager to comfort his sister and learn all about her diabetes and we are getting more and more comfortable with our responsibilities as Maeley’s caretakers and advocates. We all feel confident that our family can not only handle this diagnosis but will thrive because of it.

The last few weeks have brought us closer and have shown us how incredibly blessed we are by all the amazing people that God has placed around us. Our closest family and friends have cried with us, helped pick us up and are so eager to learn along with us. There are not enough words to describe the gratitude we feel already for the love and support we have received.

With the decision to share Maeley’s diagnosis publicly, as a family we ask just a few things. First and foremost, we ask that Maeley be treated no different than she was before her diagnosis. As a family we are moving forward with life simply adding to our daily routine not taking away anything from it. She can run and play and live life exactly as before, the only exception is she needs special princess juice (insulin) to have enough energy to do so. We hope for her to continue feeling the freedom of childhood and all of the magic it entails.

Secondly, please ask us anything. No question is too silly of a question. We are happy to answer to the best of our ability and hope to pass the torch on to whoever is interested so that Maeley’s support group is everything she could ever ask for.

And lastly, while we are happy to chat and know we will have many people reaching out to us after reading this, we ask for patience and grace as this is all still very overwhelming at times. Our priorities are focused on our family during this transition and we may be slow to answer texts and calls at times, but we will get back to everyone. We thank you all in advance for the love you have for Maeley and our family.


God has more in store for you than you can even imagine. – Ephesians 3:20

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