Jenn + Mark // Snohomish Hidden Meadows Wedding

Life sometimes takes us on wild, twisty rides that we don’t understand or like. And other times life is like floating around and around a lazy river on a warm summer day, comforting and good for the soul. Jenn and Mark’s wedding day was a lazy river day of life through and through. Full of peaceful earth-stopped-spinning moments, happy tears that make your own eyes well up with little drops of joy and not to mention some of the best dang toasts I have ever heard.

One of the best moments of the day was when Jenn pulled off the surprise bag piper she had been keeping a secret from Mark for months! With several people involved and a few hiccups later the look on Mark’s face when he heard the bagpipes was priceless and so worth all of the scheming and whispers.

Jenn and Mark’s love story isn’t one to tell through a blog but over a cup of coffee with tissues in hand. I will share that their story has brought a ray of hope into my own personal life and I know that my time spent with them over this past year was intentionally and purposefully planned and I truly hope they feel the same. My couples become a part of my life and I always look forward to staying in touch and capturing the adventures that life brings their way.

Jenn and Mark, I know it’s overused and may seem thoughtless to some, but I sincerely thank you for everything. I hope you know that your love story holds a very special place in my heart.

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