Tara + Dylan | The Kelley Farm Wedding

If perfection existed this day would be it. The November sun kissed our skin and distracted from the nipping cold air. With 18 best friends by their side the celebrating began early as these two prepared to become husband and wife.

When I used to hear the words fraternity I immediately thought back to my own experiences of wild nights and questionable decisions. Don’t get me wrong I have some great stories from the few frat parties I attended, but nonetheless they are stored in the “party and rebellious phase” folder.  After witnessing Tara and Dylan’s wedding day, I can honestly say my entire outlook on fraternities has changed. I never thought I would see practically an ENTIRE FRATERNITY not only show up to a fellow brother’s wedding, but be ECSTATIC to be there. Hugs, tears, and of course friendly banter filled the night.

The support and love for Tara and Dylan was overwhelming. While there are always special moments at weddings, for some reason this one seemed to be filled to the brim with them. I found myself misty eyed most of the day and absolutely bawling during the anniversary dance seeing how many married couples Tara and Dylan have to look up to. And that final moment where they were hugged by Dylan’s grandparents and great aunt and uncle who have been married for 55 years? I’m surprised I got the shot ‘cause I was a blubbering mess.

Getting to know Tara and Dylan and being a part of their journey has been one of the highlights of my year. I cannot wait to watch these two do life together as Mr. and Mrs. Heyne!

Known Vendors:

Venue: The Kelley Farm

Photographer: Agostina DiMartino

Second Photographer: Sarah Gonia

Florist: Krista Franklin

Calligraphy: Katie Jobe

Hair: Kaycie Juergens

Makeup: Danielle Nichols

Music: DJ Daron

Day of Coordinator: Lily Garoutte



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